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St. Francis County, Arkansas
County Clerk






            313 S Izard, Room 2

            P. O. Box 1653

            Forrest City AR 72336-1653

            Email: countyclerk@stfranciscountyar.org

            Phone: 870-261-1729     Fax: 870-630-1210


            The County Clerk is the official bookkeeper of County Government.  Duties include serving  as  the  clerk  for  the  County  Court  and Probate Division of the   Circuit Court,  the Secretariat of the Quorum Court,  the Secretary of the Board of Equalization  and  the  Voter  Registrar  for  the  County.   The  County Clerk also provides birth  and  death  certificate  application forms,  issues marriage licenses, issues special licenses  allowing  certain activities outside the city limits, files and   records all  Doing Business Under Assumed Names (DBA) Certificates,  files and records Ministers Licenses,  Physicians  and Nurses Credentials,  and applications for lifetime hunting and fishing license.  


            County Court

            The County Clerk  keeps  an accurate  account  of all financial transactions within the County and files  all documents,  vouchers and  other  papers  pertaining to the    settlement of  any account to which  the county  is involved.  Claims and bills are  paid and are filed in the County Clerk’s office after processing. The County Clerk   is also the payroll clerk for the county.  This  includes keeping a record of all time worked  as  well  as  making  all  tax  reports,   retirement  reports,  and  remitting  all payroll deductions to the proper entity.


            Probate Division of the Circuit Court

            The  County Clerk  files  all  instruments,  making  them  a  matter-of-record,  and  records all  orders signed by  the Judge.  These include decedent estates, adoption,  mental commitments and guardianship cases. The Clerk also reports all openings and closings of Probate matters to the AOC (Administration of Courts) monthly.


            Quorum Court

            The County Clerk keeps a complete permanent record of the proceedings of the

            Quorum Court, including minutes, ordinances, resolutions and an index to provide

            easy access to the information.          


            Board of Equalization

            The County Clerk keeps minutes and accurate details of the changes to property

            values made by the Board.  The Board of Equalization meetings begin annually

            on August 1st and ends on October 1st.


            Tax Settlements

            The County Clerk prepares the monthly settlement of all taxes collected in the  county.  A copy of the settlement is given to the Treasurer for distribution.  The  County Clerk  is  also  responsible  for  preparation  of  the  Final  Tax  Settlement following the close of the Tax Books.


            Voter Registrar

            The  County  Clerk  maintains  voter  registration  computerized  database  of   all registered voters in the county and  handles  early and absentee voting.  The Clerk assists the county election commission with defining quorum court districts and township lines.  The County Clerk’s office  also  handles  all  the  local  filings for  elective  office,   including  county   elected  positions,   quorum   court  members, constables,  all cities  and  school boards.  The County Clerk’s office maintains a    register of all County Boards and Commissions, and handles the filing of financial statements for all public office holders.


            Voter Registration Forms can be picked up at the County Clerk’s office located in  Room 2 at the County Courthouse.  They may also be found at the Public Library,  at DHS and the Arkansas State Revenue Office.  You must be registered to vote  thirty days before an election.  If you have a new address or have a name change   you must complete a new voter registration form before you can vote.



            Pearl Johnson

            Assistant Chief Deputy (Voter Information)


            Email: deputy1.countyclerk@stfranciscountyar.org


             Derrick Parker

             Deputy Clerk


             Email: deputy3.countyclerk@stfranciscountyar.org



St. Francis County, Arkansas
313 South Izard • Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 261-1700
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St. Francis County, Arkansas