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St. Francis County, Arkansas
County Treasurer

  St. Francis County Treasurer is to receive and disburse all county funds.  As Treasurer, my custodial duties are to receive and give receipts for all money payable into the county treasury either through property tax collections, county sales tax collections, state land redemption, property tax relief, current tax, county turn-back funds, grant funds, fees and fines from county officials and departments.  The Treasurer must maintain and issue pre-numbered receipts for all revenue paid into the treasury (ACA 14-25-108).

By order of the county’s Quorum Court, after receiving this revenue, we distribute these funds to cities, schools and other taxing entities of the county.  The Treasurer has the duty to refuse payment of any warrant or check that would cause a deficit balance in revenue accounts without an appropriated transfer of funds to cover the deficit.

The Treasurer must keep a true and accurate detailed account of all receipts and disbursements of the county.  The Treasurer must keep books, papers and money pertaining to the office at all times available for inspection of the county’s Quorum Court (ACA 14-15-807).  The Treasurer is required to provide a monthly financial report on the fiscal condition of the county (ACA 14-20-105). 

We are audited for compliance yearly by the Arkansas Legislative Audit and to ensure compliance, the Treasurer attends various treasurer related meetings and training's.

The Treasurer is required to charge a two percent commission on all funds received with a few exceptions, i.e., money collected from insurance losses and reimbursements.  This commission is intended to create a source of revenue accruing to the Treasurer’s office from which operation of the office is paid.  The excess Treasurer’s commission is redistributed at the end of the year to the various entities that were charged commission on a pro-rata basis.

 Office Staff: 

Tammy Talley, Treasurer

Matthew Mullins, Chief Deputy Treasurer

 St. Francis County Courthouse

P. O. Box 250

Forrest City, AR  72336-0250

Office Hours:      Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone:                 870-261-1705

Fax:                     870-261-1704

Email: treasurer@stfranciscountyar.org   




 This is what one (1) mill will cost the owner of a $100,000 home in Property Taxes for a year.

 The Taxable value of a $100,000.00 home (x 20%) = $20,000.00

 One (1) mil = 1/10 of a cent

 $20,000.00 X .001 = $20.00

 The Property Taxes for this home will cost the homeowner $20.00 annually.

The following are the millage rates for St. Francis County:


General           3.9

Road               1.0


Forrest City School District #7                        32.6

East Arkansas Community College                   1.3

Palestine/Wheatley School District #23           36.8

Hughes School District # 27                           29.0


Library                       1.9

Caldwell                     3.9

Colt                            4.2

Forrest City                4.9

Hughes                      1.8

Madison                     4.7

Palestine                    1.3

Wheatley                    5.0

Widener                     4.5



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St. Francis County, Arkansas
313 South Izard • Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 261-1700
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St. Francis County, Arkansas